August 6, 2009

“We are like a symphony. Different words but they still rhyme.”

“But that’s what teams are about right?”

Today, I thought about “us”. The collective. The group. The team. I thought about how there is you and me. And then there is us. The “us” may argue but always projects a united front. The “us” knows that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. There is trust and safety in an “us”. Even in your worst of days. An “us” focusses on the issue and not on the person. The “us” can have the difficult conversations and know that things will be ok. The “us” knows that sometimes, you need to put your own needs and wants aside for the good of the “us”.

The strategist in me thinks that the bonds need to be pretty strong to prevent the prisoner’s dilemma scenario from playing out. But if it works, everyone is better off.

And today, I prayed for the various groups of “us” I’m part of. I gave thanks for the people who put up with my crap when I’m being unreasonable, who I can be no-holds-barred with, who I can take without fear of owing, who trigger the protective side of me, who I know have my back and I theirs… It occurred to me today that perhaps an “us” is not a naturally forming unit but when it happens, is a precious precious thing and something worth fighting for and defending.


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