Today, thankful…

February 20, 2009

  1. For a jacket that covers a multitude of sins, like being too casual for work. This is why I need to move to a country with a colder climate.
  2. For the quiet of an office meeting room disrupted by angry rap music. I thought it was funny. Made funnier when you came in to rap along. Oh dear.
  3. That I finally found your present. Shopping was such a pain. Knowing what I wanted to buy actually made it harder to find. (While walking around today, I was thinking about shopping as a metaphor for life. Is it better to know what you want? Are you happier when you find what you were looking for or is there a premium on serendipity?)
  4. That you read the cues and stayed close enough for me to push you away. You’ve always been good that way.
  5. For apologies that I didn’t need to hear but that were still said. As someone who cares too much and tries too hard, I respect what it took to say what was said.  Too many people would have just let it slide.
  6. For second chances and clean slates.

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