February 10, 2009


A random assortment of pictures from my last trip to Hanoi in 2004!

I’m starting to really really really really really look forward to Vietnam. I realized that even though I spent a fair few days in Hanoi the last time, I never really saw it as a tourist. This is not a bad thing. Living like a local is always fun.  I do remember lots of yummy noodles; bike helmets that are worn for warmth not safety; sleeping on the floor with a cat; riding pillion in the rain, in traffic; the silk market; the LaTrobe uni game show (totally bizarre); water puppets and other random things.

Anyway, here are my goals for the trip. (S, I hope you’re reading this.)

  1. To sit in a café by a lake, with a sketchbook, drinking some hardcore coffee.
  2. To get 1 decent photo with the lovely couple.  (I’m so looking forward to the traditional ceremony on Sunday!)
  3. To eat some pho!
  4. To eat some banh mi. I’ve been sad ever since that shop in Raffles City closed.
  5. To buy some lovely tea.  For my lovely glass teapot at work.

I am also determined to find some of that milk fruit thing that Lan and I had in Dalat. (The one I bought in Phnom Penh turned out to be some version of an unripe grapefruit.)  Happiness!!!


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