Fitness Goals for March

February 28, 2009

I realized that I’m going to be super busy over the next couple of months so have decided that I should post my fitness goals for March (and how I’m doing each week) on the blog so that I can keep track of how I’m going.

So for March, my fitness goal is to work out 3 times a week.

Please feel free to nag at me.


Old school

February 28, 2009

There was a bizarre cover of Lithium in Marley and Me. It had its charm but I didn’t like it. Give me Nirvana any day.  I’m very old school.

“I’m so happy cause today
I’ve found my friends
They’re in my head”

The best hot chocolate ever

February 28, 2009


Chilling with J and her flatmates in a cold SF apartment.  I think we were watching TV.  I don’t even remember.  But one of them made me the best hot chocolate ever and all was well with the world.

I really need to move to a colder climate.

Things to do this weekend

February 27, 2009

1. Housekeep delicious links – sort out the tags etc
2. Housekeep RSS feeds

What’s the point of having tech tools to help you if they are a mess and you can’t find anything! I have too much to do and really need to make an effort to improve/make more efficient my workflow processes.

(But oddly, organising it and trying to make sense of my web links makes me happy. I’m easily pleased!)

The future of dating

February 26, 2009


Source: Abstruse Goose

I need me one of those gagdety things. ;p

12 photos from Hanoi

February 26, 2009


This collection of pictures was suppose to accompany this post.

I spent a good part of my afternoon planning for a trip to SF in May. If things go my way, I will be away all month. Hooray!

Reflections on a haircut

February 25, 2009

I sat down in the chair. I thought you were trying to grow out your hair, said my hairdresser. Yes, I was. But it is irritating me, I replied. She laughed. How are you going to ever grow out your hair if you keep cutting it?

And therein lies the real problem. I can’t be bothered and don’t have the patience to live with the messiness required to grow out my hair. I could probably learn to deal with it. I’m sure there are ways – hairbands, bobby pins etc. But I can’t be fucked. And because I always have the option to cut it, I tend to exercise that option.  Why live with the mess when you can just cut it off?  I wonder what that says about me as a personality type.

Then a thought came to me today. I actually quite like my hair short. Maybe one day I’ll grow it out and learn to lazily toss it over my shoulder like the girly girl I am.  (HA!)  But for now, the short hair and the impatience and can’t-be-fucked attitude reflected in it suits me fine.

(This post is not really about hair.  I’m not one of those girls who gets all excited about new hairdos.)