A lame man healed

January 21, 2009

Passage:  Acts 3

Bible study material following the sermon passage is an extremely good idea.  Makes me wonder why Barker’s never done this.  It’s amazing how much a little seemingly simple administrative tweak can make such a difference to what you get out of the passage.

Anyway, 2 disjointed thoughts from the passage:

  1. v1.  Even though Peter and John were in the middle of a huge spiritual revolution, they still maintained their links with tradition and the faith of their forefathers.  Cue God saying to me, “go to church!”  Urg!
  2. v3-8.  The crippled man asks for alms and gets healing.  In the kingdom of God, it has been my experience that you usually don’t get what you ask for.  It was also totally up to the man to reject what was on offer.  It’s a bit of a red pill/blue pill scenario.

Here’s my last thought.  It was the first sermon that I’d heard by the new Pastor.  There are a lot of things to judge him on – style of preaching, exegesis, stage presence, whatever.  But there was something about the simplicity in the way he prayed that hit me.  The honesty, the intimacy, the softness of voice.  You got the feeling that he was merely talking to someone he talks to a lot and you just happened to be sitting in on the conversation.  Very nice.


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