Constraint optimisation

January 13, 2009

Excuse me while I muse aloud about my exercise regime.  Char Kuay Teow is evil.

Here are my constraints:  I’m supposed to do a PT session once a week.  It takes me a couple of days for my arms to recover from a PT session so more gym during that time is unrealistic.  But ideally should be at the gym at least 1 other time.  Classes are fun but I’m limited by the schedule.  Then, I’m supposed to do cardio (the equivalent of a 6km or so run) twice a week.  Cardio should preferably be whole body since I have no upper body strength to speak of.  I am a sucky swimmer.

So now I’m thinking about constraint optimisation and efficiency.  What’s the best way to get my workouts in without spending too much time on them/disrupting my life?  This is what I’ve come up with…

M – (interchangeable with Wednesday) Run home from work – I figure that would be the most efficient way (time wise) to incorporate running into my schedule. Pilates class at the gym is an option on Mondays.

T – PT session

W – Rest

Th – Rest.  Or a really sissy Gym class called Flex + some sort of workout

F – Rest.  If I’ve missed a workout, I could conceivably do it early and then have late dinner/drinks (which would be common for Fridays anyway).

Sa – (interchangeable with Sunday) Long run or a swim

Su – Gym

I wondered if this would work.  Then I realised that Chinese New Year kinda fucks up my exercise plans!  Oh dear.


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