PT session 2

January 7, 2009

So the festive season consisted of eating and attempting to work off the eating. Workouts were all cardio (i.e. high calorie burn) – running, swimming and what nots. But now, the festive season is over (boo!) and I’m back to my physical training sessions. Good luck to me. My arms hurt so bad that I can barely type this.

So yesterday, between a couple of particularly tiring sets of some weird tricep exercise (I have no triceps to speak of) some guy came over to use the machine.

“Hooray! He is my saviour!” I said to my trainer. (But 10 reps later, the guy was gone.)

“Where is your saviour now?” taunted my trainer. “Guess you’re stuck with me then. The devil!” (Cue diabolical laughter.)  Oh dear.

Well, at least the man has a sense of humour. And, a quick kickboxing set at the end of the session was oddly satisfying. It is good to hit a man who causes you pain. Haha.


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