Gift exchange

December 23, 2008

I was at a party on Sunday with a gift exchange. I usually hate gift exchanges because you inevitably get something that is generic that you don’t need (read: chocolate). Anyway, I turned up to the party without a gift. I’d completely forgotten about the gift exchange. But of the other girls was sweet enough to go out and get me something to give (and got it nicely wrapped) so I wouldn’t have to sit out the exchange. Completely unnecessary given my lack of enthusiasm for gift exchanges to begin with but still, it was a very kind thing to do. I offered to pay her back but she graciously refused. I think all this says something about the community at the new church and their generosity.

At the gift exchange, we all sat in a circle (how typical of church groups) with the presents in the middle. Before picking one from the pile, we were supposed to share what we were thankful for in 2008. Most people said that they were thankful for family and friends. My thanksgiving was for a job that I love. Someone commented that that was something that people were rarely able to be thankful for, which is probably true.

Writing my Christmas cards to my colleagues and wrapping their presents made my heart swell with gratitude.  The last 2 days have been very “typical” days in the office. A lot of the usual – meetings, discussions, research, emails, reading and then more reading. But it was the littlest things reminded me again why my biggest thanksgiving for 2008 would be for my job.

To the Lord of my salvation.  Sorry for saying that you should have cut me some slack this year (read: been more merciful to me in a tough year).  I realised that you have.  I am an ungrateful brat.  I know.


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