Today, thankful…

November 11, 2008

  1. That there are people in my life who know me well enough to give it to me hard. The brutal truth. No sugar. No treatment with kid gloves. It takes balls and a lot of love. I respect that.
  2. That the same person can give me a complete bitch-slap and still put a protective, affectionate arm around my shoulder and know when I need what. Very rare and much appreciated.
  3. That my friends still tell me to be selfless, believing that it is still in my character to act selflessly (when I’m really not so sure).
  4. That I still have enough of God in me to ask what is the God-pleasing option. You have no idea how glad I am that the still, small voice is still there.
  5. That I have a brain that is rational enough (for the most part) to think logically and make decisions based on fact, not emotion. That God gave me enough self-control (just barely) not to do stupid things.
  6. That perfect love casts out all fear.

Most of all, I’m thankful that I’m more or less still the same and that my heart hasn’t become calloused to the point of not breaking and my brain hasn’t become transactional to the point of not caring. That kinda makes me happy.

Cue Jewel song in head: I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.


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