20 things that made me very happy at Di’s wedding

October 8, 2008

Because it was so lovely, here are 20 things that made me very happy at Di’s wedding.

  1. The girls. This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s hard to top shared joy amongst old friends. 12 years (or more) is a long time.
  2. Family. I guess with the amount of time we girls spend at Di’s, it was so good to be part of her parent’s joy. They have watched us grow up. There was something homely and comforting about eating their microwaved leftover dinner in the kitchen at 11pm the night before the wedding.
  3. Getting ready at Di’s in the morning. The chaos of a whole bunch of girls trying to get ready at the same time is just funny. But there is something happy and communal about it. Like some sort of bonding ritual. I now know that Lauren has nice blush and Dawn has nice dark green eyeshadow.
  4. Pretty dresses and glittery nail polish. Okay, I’m a girl. So shoot me.
  5. Corsages that serendipitously matched my green dress perfectly.
  6. Clipboard man. There were times when I really wanted to tell him to chill but he was doing his job and far better at it than I’ll ever be. I really respected that he took the effort to take charge. Gotta love a military man.
  7. Kueh Pie Ti. Yum!
  8. Fort Canning Park (and the fact that it didn’t rain). I love the outdoors as a general rule. The place were they had the solemnization was perfect. Lovely view with the setting sun.
  9. My wonderful co-emcee! Thank God for him. I barely showed up to the wedding on time. Oops.
  10. The boys (and my flatmates from Melbourne). Seriously, being surrounded by your dearest friends when it isn’t even your wedding is pretty cool.
  11. Personalised vows. Even though they were downloaded from the internet.
  12. The sword-bearers. SO COOL!
  13. Elderflower cordial. It looks like pink water but tasted divine.
  14. Barbecued lamb. A real bitch to eat but I love lamb and I love barbecue. I used my hands.
  15. Singing. I always love singing at weddings. Every wedding should have lots of singing. Even if it is a forfeit and the mike doesn’t work.
  16. Dancing to the Copacabana. Her name was Lola. There was an old aunty who was having a ball of a time.
  17. Evening photos, which I didn’t take. It was so nice to come home and have surprise photos. It’s like seeing the wedding through someone else’s eyes. It turns out that someone else’s eyes frames the images very differently from how I would.
  18. Picasa with a new colour-temperature adjustment feature. (When you see some of my original photos, you will understand why.)
  19. New friends. Sometimes friendship starts because you love the same person. Very nice.
  20. Seeing everyone else have a good time and knowing that the effort put into preparation was worth it. Di’s little attention to details really paid off in the end. The wedding was beautiful!

One Response to “20 things that made me very happy at Di’s wedding”

  1. Diana Says:

    That was really sweet Zengi :o) I think I cried a little…

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