Cafe ‘t Aepjen

September 23, 2008

Cafe 't Aepjen only opens at 3pm

Cafe 't Aepjen only opens at 3pm

I only took 1 photo on my 3rd day in Amsterdam because I spent the morning doing work in my hotel room and only headed out to Oude Zijde in the afternoon for a meeting.  A cafe that only opens at 3pm bodes very badly for a 2pm appointment (I’m told that Cafe ‘t Aepjen is the oldest cafe in the Netherlands!) so we took our meeting to the almost equally old pub next door.

Can I just say that it was the best meeting ever!  Meeting over coffee became chatting over beer became walking through the red light district (which I would have been very wary of doing on my own BTW) and  ended up having a lovely dinner of chicken satay (Indonesian style sans the spiciness); salad and fries sitting on the terrace by the canal.  A million brownie points for Dutch hospitality.  I had such a wonderful time!

I love Amsterdam!


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