Packing hacks

September 18, 2008

I hate packing. I especially hate it when I actually need to look half decent (ie. traveling for work) and need to put some thought into what I’m wearing. Cambodian slum kids are a much more forgiving audience. It doesn’t help that I also hate over-packing and get very annoyed with myself when I bring back clothes that I have not worn. I’m slightly obsessive with packing light, especially when traveling alone. I’m a tough crowd.

I’ve learnt to get around this by packing around 1 colour. That way everything matches and accessories / makeup are at a minimum. The colour for this trip is green. Green scarf. Green skirt. Green top. Green sweater. Everything else is neutral. White shirt. Black cardigan. Beige trench coat. Brown boots. Brown watch. Jeans. Variations on a theme seem to be a good plan.

(Can you tell that I’m procrastinating by blogging?)


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