Found while spring cleaning: altar ministry

August 29, 2008

I am doing a HUGE spring cleaning – both literally and figuratively speaking.  Feels pretty good!  Anyway, I found a note I’d written to myself when I first started serving in Altar Ministry:

  1. Memorize scripture more. I was reciting Psalm 27 and then halfway through clean forgot the words. Urg.
  2. Always bring tissue.
  3. Always pray like mad before. Seek God for His word in season for His people. Cover yourself in prayer.
  4. Don’t get distracted. I made the mistake of doing the photography straight after. I was super exhausted afterwards.  Not just physically.
  5. Close in prayer – for good rest; to leave behind the cares that you prayed for; for anointing.

The funny thing about Altar Ministry is that you seriously cannot fake it.  If you are not right with God, you can pretty much forget it.  That said, being nervous and unprepared doesn’t actually help either so this little list was written in part to circumvent the “nervous and unprepared” problem.  I am amused at the methodical way I approached it.  It’s almost like a cheat sheet!  But hey, it works and if you ever tried to pray for someone on the fly without actually being told what to pray for, you will know what I mean.

BTW, I also found other things that were not so amusing, like written prayers unanswered.  I still pray for the same things, although admittedly with far less enthusiasm.


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