30 things to do before you’re 30

August 19, 2008

I’ve been thinking about a bucket list, ie. a list of things to do before I kick the bucket. Okay, that’s probably a little melodramatic. Maybe just a list of things that I’ve always wanted to do. And the timing is perfect since I’ve just freed up a lot of my time! *ponders*

Anyway, till I figure out what my list of things to do looks like, here’s one from Cleo (with my random comments in italics).

30 things to do before you’re 30

1.Channel an old school movie and throw a drink in a man’s face. Why would I want to do that? I have flung chopsticks on the table and they ricocheted and hit him though. Not a proud moment.
2.Delete the words “like, random and totally” from your vocab. But why!?
3.Break someone’s heart; similarly, have your own broken. Been there, done that.
4.Divorce toxic friends. My middle name.
5.Drink a champagne cocktail in a Paris bar. No interest in France. I have drunk sangria in Spain. Does that count?
6.Master the art of choosing the perfect wine. I know nothing about wine. I should learn.
7.Confess that (present or past) crush on your best male friend. Have done that twice. First time, it was brilliant. Second time, a total disaster.
8.Drive a wickedly cool car, even if you have to rent it. Don’t care much about cars.
9.Use an alias for a day. That might be fun. What would I call myself? Something pretentiously oriental.
10.Visit a strip club. Raises eyebrow.
11.Have a favourite book which isn’t chick-lit. I don’t read much chick-lit so I think I’m okay. Actually, I don’t even read much fiction.
12.Quit a job, without having another one to go to. Okay. I’ve never done that.
13.Buy a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a black-lace bra. Have bought all of the above at some point.
14.Learn who you can trust, who you can’t and why you shouldn’t take it personally. I’m very clear about who I can trust and who I can’t. I’ll get back to you about the “taking it personally”.
15.Live by yourself (for at least six months). I lived on my own for years! I wish I had my own place.
16.Travel somewhere by yourself – a foreign country, another city or just a road trip to the country. Love traveling alone. Love the anonymity.
17.Forgive someone who wronged you; apologise to someone you’ve wronged. Apology is easy. Forgiveness, not so. I’ll get there.
18.Master cooking one impressive three-course meal. I’m a pretty decent cook. Have definitely cooked three-course meals. I don’t know if they were impressive but no one died of food poisoning so I think I’m alright.
19.Learn to change a tyre. Can’t do that. Do roller-blade wheels count?
20.Buy an original piece of art. How about flea market art. I also draw. Badly. Does that count?
21.Volunteer for a charity you care about. Done that. Exploring how to do that more.
22.Break-up with a man who you know is bad for you; similarly, have a fling with a man who you know is bad for you! I hate wasting my time in the relationship department.
23.Dine solo in a restaurant – no phone, book or notebook allowed. Have no problems dining alone. Although admittedly, I usually have a book.
24.Run a marathon. 2009 new year resolution.
25.Pay off your credit card(s)/HECS debt/car loan. Debt-free.
26.Spend a whole pay packet on a pair of shoes. No way.
27.Have a killer joke you tell perfectly ready to use for those awkward moments. Grinning with a cheeky wink usually works for me. Don’t think I need a joke.
28.Try something you always said you’d never do – whether it be sky-driving or eating escargot. See 29.
29.Learn how to stand up for yourself, rather than silently seething when you receive poor customer service or someone makes a snide remark. I can be a bitch. But always with a smile. Enough said.
30.Have a one-night stand (or more than one). No thanks.

So it turns out that I do pretty well on someone else’s “30 things to do before you’re 30” list.

Now to dream up my own. *grin*


One Response to “30 things to do before you’re 30”

  1. mel Says:

    1.didnt know they made contact!!
    2.haha those are ur FAVOURITEST words somemore!!!
    5.and tinto verano 😀 whoopie!
    7.3x lucky? 😀
    8.u dont drive!
    9.xu mei li!! hahaha..
    10.this ties with #30..?@
    11.maybe u shld have a chick-lit book? 😀
    12.maybe its figurative 😉
    13.cordless drill?!?!
    14.u know why
    15.then we can drink sangria all day!
    16.for u, shld say “travel with tour grp and mingle with the masses :D”
    17.will pray for u
    20.u can sell original art ? 😀
    23.why all those not allowed?
    26.that’ll be cool though!
    27.its a weapon. hahaha
    29.sounds like an oxymoron

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