Lazy bum

August 2, 2008

I decided that I miss running.

It’s my fault really because I have no discipline to speak of and have been a lazy bum. I think I average 3-4km about 1-2 times a week now. A disappointing drop from my previous 18-22km weekly mileage. It is hard to get motivated to run for more than an hour at a time when you aren’t actually training for anything. Actually, it’s hard to get motivated enough to put on your running shoes. Not good.

But I suppose one has to start somewhere and prata for breakfast with some of my favourite people was a good enough reason to zip around the park a couple of times this morning. I’m so proud of myself for not using “I’m recovering from the flu” or “I slept at 3.30am” or “I drank too much beer” as excuses not to run!

Hooray me! 😀


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