Too much beer

July 20, 2008

I’ve had too much beer to be sleepy, which means that I’m totally going to pay for it tomorrow.  Oh dear.

I had a conversation last night about the emptiness of the church experience when it is just about singing a bunch of songs and talking to your friends (neither of which I do very much of in church nowadays anyway).  My friend told me how it was super easy to replace church attendance which some other (read: more fun) activity if that’s all there was.  I don’t want that.  God is important to me and depth in the spiritual experience is important to me.  And I wonder if in the absence of enthusiasm towards “love your neighbour as yourself”, whether focussing on “love the Lord your God” might not be a bad idea.

Oddly enough, between sips of belgian beer (rose – with a bright pink cap.  very nice), I think I’ve had more conversations about religion and felt more spiritually alive tonight than I have in church most Sundays.  I suppose after years of church leadership, I’m really looking forward to just being a Christian for a while.  Hopefully a very long while.  An identity not by position, title, authority or even service but by love and by life.  Real.  Overflowing.  No more squeezing blood out of a stone.

I can’t say how much I want to be out for a long run (while having a chat with God) tomorrow morning.  My Sunday morning alternatives look unappealing.


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