10 thoughts

July 9, 2008

No time or mood to expand on this but I just thought that I’d record some disjointed thoughts from today.  For posterity and future reference.

  1. It takes 3 mins to be implusive and shoot off the hip but 3 hours (or more) to damage control and make amends. 
  2. It takes a hell a lot of self-control not to respond irrationally to irrationality.  Been there, done that and have a newfound respect for people who can be bothered.
  3. Life is lived in moments and each moment has the potential to build up or tear down.  Any fool can be destructive.  It take an artisan to build.
  4. Exercising a pastoral gifting is by definition self-sacrificial.  Urg.
  5. When I’m in one of those moods, I can be a real downer and respond very poorly to efforts to cheer me up.  That said, when people try, it doesn’t go unnoticed and I really really do appreciate it.
  6. Some people are just really good people.  I wish it didn’t surprise me that good people exist in the world but it does.  That’s just sad.
  7. I really really wish that I could switch off this transactional button in my brain.
  8. If becoming cynical and selfish is a sign of growing up, I don’t want to grow up.  I’m a TOY-R-US kid.
  9. I hate that emotions are a tap.  I absolutely hate it.
  10. Counting your blessings is a very good idea. 

Enough said for today.  I’m exhausted.


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