The pursuit of happiness

June 10, 2008

Like the declaration of independence, I think the pursuit of happiness is an “unalienable right”. Maybe happiness is one of those things – like love, illusive but meant to be pursued with enthusiasm and vigor.

Well, at a recently discussion on economics of happiness and its implications on public policy, I exclaimed (without thinking), “Yah. But we don’t want to be a Bhutan!!.” Nothing against Bhutan, which I’m sure is a lovely place, but the Type A in me can’t stand the idea of happiness as an end point to be achieved, after which you fold your arms and bask in the glow of contentment. How boring!

(Now that I’ve written it out, it sounds totally terrible. I have a heart. Really.)

Anyway, I’m up at 2am in the morning because I’m doing work (I just finished). There is something about the solitude of the early morning, the ache of sore muscles after a long run, the tiredness that comes with a couple of very productive hours of work and the buzz of ideas in my head that makes me very happy indeed.


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