Race reflections

June 8, 2008

I ran my first 10km race today!  *grin*  Running a 10km race was my new year’s resolution for 2007.  It didn’t happen so I carried it over to 2008.  Meeting a recycled new year’s resolution is like slaying a dragon! (I’m so melodramatic.)

Pre-race, I was thinking about race strategy and decided that I didn’t have one.  So I thought about what would give me a better sense of achievement.  Speed probably wouldn’t be it since I’d still be slow regardless how fast I was!  Anyway, I decided that if I could complete the distance without stopping to walk, I’d be mighty pleased with myself.

And mighty pleased with myself, I am!  (It’s my blog.  I can have no shame here.)  I was a total turtle but maintained a slow and steady pace throughout, trying not to let my crazy competitive personality go into overdrive when people kept on overtaking me.  And probably most importantly, I enjoyed the run.  I had The Cat Empire playing and it reminded me of Melbourne, I talked to God, I talked to myself, I observed other runners, I gazed out to the ocean.  It was good.

My timing is probably pretty shit, my calves are aching and I have the mother of all blisters but I DON’T CARE and will be going mad little dances around the house for the rest of the day.  🙂


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