June 1, 2008

I served communion today. I don’t do it very often because I’m usually rostered to do prayer ministry.

I remembered receiving communion from an old Sunday School teacher years and years ago. She had pressed the wafer into my hand and whispered into my ear – Cheryl, the body of Christ broken for you. It was a very powerful moment and the weight of her words left a deep imprint in my soul. I remembered thinking then that if I ever got a chance to serve communion, those would be the exact words I would say.

I got the chance today and it was a very very humbling experience. I used to think of communion as just another one of those random church rituals but it really isn’t. It can be a profound means of grace.


One Response to “Communion”

  1. Linda Says:

    Yes there is something incredibly personal about having your name mentioned at communion. It adds a new dimension to the significance of His act for us. Thank you for serving at communion last Sunday, and for making it personal for me. You are a faithful servant (even in the face of trials) – and a great inspiration too.

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