1 week to my first race!

June 1, 2008

My first 10km race is in a week!  I’m going to die and my timing is going to suck but I’m so excited!  🙂

But today, my legs are in some serious pain.  For some odd reason, I thought it a good idea to go for a run today even though I did 8km on Thursday and 10km yesterday (and was up at 4.30am – a story for another post).  To top of off, I also thought it a good idea to meet a friend to run.  Bad bad idea!  The jog just to get to the park to meet him gave me cramps in my calves.

Anyway, it became pretty obvious that the jog (I don’t think you can call it a run at that speed!) was an exercise in futility when he slowed down to a walk (to save his knees!).  I was still jogging but I was not any faster!  So demoralizing!  That is also the point where I stopped jogging too and so we walked and chatted the rest of the way.  So much for running but at least t’was a pleasant evening stroll!  Haha.

Mental note to self – Fit people with long legs are *always* faster than you.


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