Two choices

May 14, 2008

Tonight, I have 2 choices.  I can write a post about this large cynical cloud that floated above my head which is casting an ominous shadow over me.  Or I can write a post about how I am thankful that at least there are some people in this world who restore my faith in humanity and more importantly, in God’s people. 

Anyway, I’ve decided that the large ominous cynical cloud are not worth my energy thinking about today.  So I’m going to be a sap and say that I am (again) thankful for 2 very special people because I seriously needed reminding that the world hasn’t gone completely crazy.  It is soul-uplifting to be loved for who you are but seen for the person you can be. 

So to you and you (even though you both probably don’t read this), thank you for being living proof that our God is an awesome God.  I honestly can’t think of a higher compliment than that because my heart aches at how few people there are who still display what it means to be a God-fearing Christian in crazy world.  God is real to me because He is real in you.  I love you guys. 

Man, I’m going to cry.


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