The joy of praying together

April 24, 2008

I just got home from a prayer meeting. I used to HATE prayer meetings, mostly because I just couldn’t sit still for that long. And what do you DO in a prayer meeting? Seemed like it is a lot of just sitting around talking to yourself (or worse, listening to other people talking to themselves).

I can’t think of a more sophisticated analogy but I’m starting to see prayer meetings like hanging out with your (albeit invisible) friend God and some of your mutual friends. Your God-friend is a quiet sort of guy but sometimes He whispers in the ear of your friends and they relay the message. Sometimes, He just sits around and smiles. Sometimes, He thinks that you are a little self-indulgent and gives you this *look*, which is pretty much your cue to shut up. But the more you hang out, the more He speaks up – or maybe the more you learn to listen.

So I’ve decided that I do quite like prayer meetings. 🙂


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