April 6, 2008

I am pleased to announce that my cumulative total distance run this week is 21km+. Okay, that’s not quite true because I didn’t run the full 10km last Sunday but hey, I think I still deserve a pat on the back.

Tonight was a beautiful night for a run. Post-rain and quiet. My usual night running route is 4km and on the stretch home, I thought to myself – I need a longer route! Looks like one session next week will be devoted to finding a nice 5km or so route around my house (that is safe for night runs and doesn’t involved breathing in too much car exhaust.) I also probably should start thinking about training up my speed instead of just ambling along like a tortoise. I’d never have thought that weird words like fartleks would become part of my vocabulary. I could just run up a hill I suppose (and cough up a lung in the process). Hmmm.

Tomorrow, I’m taking a stab at the 10km route again. I’ve learnt my lesson and am going in the evening this time. Wish me luck!

edit: I just realised that 21km is the distance of a half marathon! *wow*


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