What makes a great city?

March 20, 2008

I’ve been traveling over the last couple of weeks and spent some time in San Francisco and San Diego – two cities with amazing weather. I’m thinking about cities (and having wistful thoughts about moving back to Melbourne where I can wear a jacket outdoors – as opposed to only indoors and in artificial frigidity of the office).

What makes a great city? What makes Melbourne a more livable than Singapore for example? I think about all the things I used to love doing in Melbourne – grocery shopping in Victoria Market, lying around in the park, sipping my latte with my nose in a good book and watching the world go by. I could hypothetically do all that in Singapore too. I still live near a beautiful park and there’s a great café down the street but somehow I do it less. Why is that? (I have many many more thoughts on this but if I list more reasons why I love Melbourne, I think I’ll officially be depressed.)

And as if I’m not angsting enough, this little quiz on Richard Florida’s website tells me that I should probably leave Singapore and consider moving to either Melbourne or San Francisco. Argh! I hate being told things I already know. Worse of all, I’m being nagged at by an online quiz. Oh dear.


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