March 13, 2008

I really need to do something about my blog categories (because they are a mess) so I thought I’d spend half an hour or so re-categorizing some of my blog posts. Hopefully, this is helpful and gives a good sense of what this blog is about (which is inherently impossible to define but here goes nothing!).  I’m putting in 10 categories which hopefully is broad enough to cover the scatter-brainedness that is this blog –

1. I am Christian – Okay, so I explored a variety of different ways of saying this that was potentially less divisive but you know, I’m just going to tell it like it is. I’m Christian. I believe in God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I actually agree with everything it says in the Nicene Creed, even though I have some problems with the way that Christianity as a religion is practiced. Posts in this category will have something to do with spirituality and religion, not necessarily Christianity but most of the time through a Christian lens.

2. I am inspired – Once in a while, you read/hear/see (etc) something that connects deeply with your soul. Posts in this category will have something to do with the things that inspire me and make me happy.

3. I am a word smith – Seems to me that the basic criteria to blog is to love words. Why else would you write in your free time instead of drink beer and watch TV? Posts in this category will have something to with words (duh) – books I’ve read, great poems, random words of the day, funny neoglisms…

4. I am a wannabe gadget geek – To be honest, I’m not a particularly techy person. I don’t code, I don’t hack. I have to google the acronyms when I’m at tech conferences but I am fascinated by technology – in particular technology that enhances life (not complicates it). Posts in this category will be about interesting technological developments, gadgets and gizmos and related technological issues.

5. I am a gym bunny / hamster – My new year resolution for 2008 was to get in more exercise time. I thought it might be interesting to log my journey from couch potato to gym bunny. Posts in this category will be mainly about my battle with the twin evils of lack of motivation and lack of time but also thoughts on training goals and gear.

6. I am an amateur rock star – Or so I wish. I play the guitar (barely) but good music does make me uncommonly happy. Posts in this category will have something to do with music, with a slant towards music with soul and that is accessible (simple chords, simple lyrics, that kind of thing).

7. I am a conference junkie – I don’t attend a huge number of conferences but there is something about getting an injection of revolutionary and cutting-edge thought once in a while. I do follow a number of conferences and posts in this category might contain thoughts from the talks I listen to.

8. I am an armchair economist – In my defense, I do have an undergraduate degree in economics but I don’t practice it in my job. But I do like the applications of ec0nomic theories to real life. Posts in this category will have musings on economic theory and how they apply to life in my attempt to explain my world and some random thoughts on economic development and public policy.

9. I am an aspiring photographer – I own a Nikon dSLR. Slowly but surely, I’m learning how to use its features and I go through bouts of manic photo-taking. Posts in this category will contain photography hacks, links to photographers whose works I admire and maybe some of the photos I’ve taken.

10. I am random – Posts in this category will be there because I can’t find another place to put them. Don’t we all love a catch-all bucket


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