The Pop!Tech Accelerator

October 20, 2007

To set some context, I should probably write a little about the new initiative at Pop!Tech – the Pop!Tech Accelerator. (Am I the only person who thinks of Arnie saying, “I’ll be back” when hearing that phrase?).

“The Pop!Tech Accelerator facilitates interdisciplinary, world-changing projects that use new tools and embody new approaches to significant global challenges. For each project, the Accelerator provides operational and project management and solicits many additional forms of support, including human resources, corporate partnerships, financial contributions, skills training, media coverage and other forms of support required to transform each project into a sustainable enterprise. Special emphasis is given to projects which grow authentically from the Pop!Tech network, and which will benefit from the unique resources of that network.”

Their first project is a collaborative effort between Zinhle Thabethe & Krista Dong, Frog Design and the University of Connecticut, called Project Masiluleke. It “focuses on deploying a potentially groundbreaking software tool in the fight against HIV/AIDS in South Africa – and beyond.” The software, “Live Windows” was originally developed by the University of Connecticut to ensure ARV compliance in North Amercian HIV+ patients

It’s a wonderful new initiative. A lot of the time the technology and expertise exists out there somewhere and we really need to start bringing stuff together.


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