Blog away!

October 2, 2007

We’ve been talking a lot about blogs and the rise of the new media at work. To be honest, I do think that blogs were very 2002 and we are starting to approach the “mass adoption” stage of the curve, rather than the “trend setter” stage. (The fact that there is now a book out called “Dispatches from Blogistan” should give you some idea of how mainstream blogs are becoming. A book about blogs must suffer from some sort of identify crisis. Will read it and post my thoughts sometime soon… *hopefully*)

Content development is increasingly the make-or-break factor for most technologies and I was told that only 1% of the population would be content developers and trend setters with the other 99% as the passive consumer. Sometimes people don’t blog because they think they have nothing to say. That said, nothing meaningful to say has never stopped a blogger. But I do wonder what the appropriate response – to think of something intelligent or just keep quiet? Hmmm.

Anyway, there was a wonderful article in Saturday’s papers about Marina Mahathir, daughter for former Malaysian Premier, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. She started a blog documenting her father’s recovery from major surgery and how her family’s been coming together to support him. I’m sure there much be some skepticism on her agenda for starting a blog on a topic as private as this on a figure as public as Dr M but I do very much empathize with the need for some sort of cathartic relief when facing serious illness in the family.

Hidden agenda or not, the blog “has become a hugely successful relations scorecard for her father, known for his scathing criticism of the current leaders…[and] is a rare insight into the former Premier’s family and draws Dr M closer to the people much more effectively than anything his spin doctors had done”.

Rise of new media indeed!

(The entry was originally typed at 9am on Saturday morning, while having breakfast, reading the newspaper and SMSing my friends. Welcome to the multi-tasking, schizophrenic generation.)


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