Online kookery

June 21, 2007

I should really keep up the discipline of writing things down. So to break the blogging drought, here is the link to an amusing article “Narcissistic Blog Disorder and Other Conditions of Online Kookery” from Wired Magazine.

I was at church camp recently and for some odd reason was asked to host a discussion on “How to Be a Cyber-Christian: Being Holy in a Virtual Environment”. Presumably someone thought that I actually have something intelligent to say about this. Before we jump into the whole-pornography-is-bad-save-our-children hysteria, here are 2 questions that kept popping into my head:

1. What’s your identity in a virtual environment (vis-à-vis your real world identity)?

2. What’s your community in a virtually environment (vis-à-vis your real world community)?

It also turns out that there are an awful lot of moms who are concerned that their kids are suffering from some form of “Amusement Identify Disorder”. I’m neither a mom nor a gamer so I’m in a poor position to comment but there is definitely some generation gap going on…


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