January 29, 2007

Recently, I’ve been thinking about story-telling and how it is a powerful means of communication – especially when you want to put your point across at a gut-level, not a cerebral level.  Add a camera into the mix and you can take story-telling to a whole new level.


I was watching Phil Borges on TEDTalks today. He does amazing work taking portraits and interviewing people around the world. His photographs are deveoted to the welfare of indigenous and tribal people, with the intention to help bring attention to the value these cultures represent and the challenges they face. One of his projects, Bridges to Understanding, “is an on-line classroom project connecting students from indigenous cultures with their urban contemporaries. Central to the program is interactive photographic storytelling mentored by professionals and created by the students”.


I would love to do something like that. Just me, my camera, a bit of paper and a pen – documenting the wonderful lives of people who are in many ways like us but in many ways fascinatingly different. But as much as I would love to go out there to tell their story, I really do wonder what is a way to do it that is non-exploitative.


(Maybe this is something I should seriously consider for my next mission trip.)



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