My 4-chord repertoire

December 7, 2006

I play crummy guitar so my entire repertoire probably only has 4-chord songs in them so it was quite a revelation to find out that so many songs could be played with C, G, Am, F. Actually, seeing this video brings me some measure of comfort about my sore lack of guitar skills. Ahh… what you can create with a couple of chords and some music theory.

(Of course, if you were a *real* musician – unlike me, this won’t surprise you and you would figure out pretty quick that the progression (I-V-VI-IV) is really quite common.)

PS: How random is Benny’s video-gaming mate on the bean bag chair?


One Response to “My 4-chord repertoire”

  1. […] Following the theme of an earlier post on recycled chords, here’s a YouTube video of Rob Paravonian ranting about Pachelbel’s Canon in D.  Totally cracked me up. […]

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