Photography anxiety attacks

December 5, 2006

I used to have one of those manual-zoom, film cameras. I’ll always remember the frustration of trying to take a picture of my friends standing on a bridge yet being unable to zoom in any more because that would mean one foot in the water. But it was a real work-horse (it bounced down the stairs on more than one occasion) and once you got used to the technical limitations of the camera, it did what it was supposed to do and everybody was happy.

In a single, ambitious over-estimation of my own technical skills, I decided to upgrade and bought myself a Nikon D70. It’s not the world’s most sophisticated camera but when your old camera doesn’t even zoom, switching to a dSLR and getting your head around aperture settings and shutter-speed is a real challenge.  So now, I own a beauty of a camera but am basically too stupid to use it!  Instead of being limited by my camera, my camera is limited by me!!  The only half-decent thing I can do is portrait shots (or in the words of a friend “face big big, background blur blur”).  

Unfortunately, I’ve also volunteered myself to take photos at various Christmas events. I’m now getting anxiety attacks about unforgiving florescent lighting and unflattering photos. Oh dear.

I think I may need to read the manual…


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