Following the theme of an earlier post on recycled chords, here’s a YouTube video of Rob Paravonian ranting about Pachelbel’s Canon in D.  Totally cracked me up.



December 15, 2006


She is 85 and I met her on my medical mission trip to Cambodia in August. Sign-language goes a long way when you don’t speak the khmer and she was very proud to tell me that she was 85. Indeed, there was a lot for her to be thankful for. There aren’t that many old people – for obvious reasons.

I took about 1,000 photos on that trip and I really wonder what is the best way to use them. I sent some over to Cambodia as Christmas presents – some good portrait shots of the children might be the only photo they have.

It humbles me that at any one given moment I have at least 2 cameras on me – my mobile phone and my palm and can travel with up to 4, including the dSLR and my regular point-and-shoot. What am I doing with all this technology and how can it be used to bless people who don’t even own 1 decent photo?

(To be fair, this lady is relatively well-off. Our main mission work was in a dump-site community in the inner city. That experience really put my life in harsh perspective. More photos on that when I get a chance.)

What the Duck.

December 14, 2006


Click here for more of Aaron Johnson’s amusing online comic strip. Will appeal to photographers and duck-lovers. 🙂

The Rules of Photography

December 14, 2006

Thanks to Digg, I came across this lovely article, which gives readers a couple of great photography basics. I’d heard about the whole “rule of thirds” thing before but seeing it applied to an actual photo was quite a revelation.

(I’m sure this is all pretty obvious information and one day, when I am a photography snob, I will roll my eyes at this. But for now, there is no such luxury and us beginners need all the help we can get!)

Also pretty cool, the podcasts from tipsfromthetopfloor.

My 4-chord repertoire

December 7, 2006

I play crummy guitar so my entire repertoire probably only has 4-chord songs in them so it was quite a revelation to find out that so many songs could be played with C, G, Am, F. Actually, seeing this video brings me some measure of comfort about my sore lack of guitar skills. Ahh… what you can create with a couple of chords and some music theory.

(Of course, if you were a *real* musician – unlike me, this won’t surprise you and you would figure out pretty quick that the progression (I-V-VI-IV) is really quite common.)

PS: How random is Benny’s video-gaming mate on the bean bag chair?


December 7, 2006


I foresee hours of time-wasting fun with this nifty thing:  Line Rider.

It’s not exactly a game, since there’s no score and no real objective.  But there is a pencil tool and Mr Line Rider with his spiffy red scarf and virtual sled.  Basically, you “draw” in a bunch of hills and slopes and other terrain/obstacles.  Then click play and with the help of some basic laws of physics (like gravity!), Mr Line Rider zooms along the course till he swerves into something/crashes/loses momentum/falls of a cliff!

During my first attempt, I drew from the top-right to the bottom left, which left Mr Line Rider pummeling horribly to his death pretty quickly. (I don’t actually know if he dies. I was too horrified and quickly closed the window!) It turns out that a pre-requisite to using this is the ability to read and follow instructions. But once you get the hang of it, you’ve just opened the door to some bizarrely addictive entertainment.  (Not surprisingly, the popularity of this thing has just exploded.)

Some people are pretty hardcore. Check out the links on YouTube here.  It’s great to see what you can do with a bunch of lines and a couple of simple rules.



December 5, 2006

I was watching an archived clip of Bono on TEDTalks. He talked about how technology has closed the gap between dreaming and doing, about how imagination and idealism have been decoupled by the old constraints. The idea of technology marrying idealism with pragmatism fills me with hope.

I think I’ll let that thought linger in my mind for a while.

Link: The One Campaign